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What is The Straddler?

Wholly funded by its readership and audiences, The Straddler is an interdisciplinary organization founded in 2007 with the intent of examining and impacting contemporary culture. Our magazine, The Straddler, is published twice per year. Looking as much to the past as to the present for insights into an age where repetition and cultural diminishment are the norm, The Straddler seeks to sift through illuminated bits of Western and American culture. Pieced together, we believe these fragments offer images of the potential for a more dignified cultural future.

Our most recent issue is available here.

We invite you to visit our archive. The next issue of The Straddler will be online in March 2018.

Read more about The Straddler in this June 2013 profile by The Writer Magazine.


Contributing Editors

  • Ted Barron
  • Isabel Sinistore
  • G.K. Peatling
  • Maire O’Malley
  • Jennifer Orbom
  • James Comerford


Praise for The Straddler

The Straddler is a substantial achievement. Always provocative, always stimulating.”
– Peter Davis

“The magazine is beautiful, intense, and important. Welcome, dear Straddler, to this world.”
– Fred Marchant

The Straddler seems to challenge: ‘What is the next question?'”
– Megan Dougherty Cheek, Newpages

The Straddler is adventurous and courageous. Its tapestry is transparent, focused and bold, and without being pompous, it is erudite and a venue of intellectual security for those who have been starving for writing that is dangerous and has a position to share which is often political and unapologetic. Here, the truth is something to be embraced, stimulated and coaxed into being because it is potent and intoxicating.”
– Micah Zevin, Newpages

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Press Inquiries:
Submission Guidelines: view here

The Straddler welcomes letters to the editors for publication and possible response.  Letters may be edited for length and clarity.  Individual responses are not guaranteed.  All letters become the property of The Straddler.  Submit letters to

If would like to contact any of our contributors or contributing editors, please send an email to; we’ll be sure to pass your message along.

In some of its criticism, reviews, and essays, The Straddler makes use, in excerpt form, of previously published materials. We believe we use these materials pursuant to the principles of the “fair use” doctrine. To learn more about the doctrine of fair use, please visit