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My work is an investigation of communication. Letters, cut from written media–collaged–burst from natural bases with volcanic force, forming a mountain of information. My titles are drawn from the poems of Emily Dickinson, a notoriously solitary individual who wrote in a society on the cusp of modernity, just before the technological explosion of the twentieth century. One of the things that interests me most about Dickinson is the way in which she used words to actively connect with the world around her. This, in contradistinction to the experience of so many of us today who, though saturated with information sources, see words used against us in order to distract, pacify and–ultimately–silence.

Security is Loud

I Judge From My Geography

When Etna Basks and Purrs, Naples is More Afraid

Collecting Ash in a Tylenol Bottle

The Volcano Beneath Her Still Volcano Lif

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